2020 FABC Camps Information

The following will provide you with all the information you need to register for our 2020 camps. Because we were unable to operate our camps in the summer, we must now offer camps to club teams. You will need to register as a club team and follow the FHSAA regulations (attached) for NON-SCHOOL TEAM AND/OR OFF-SEASON PARTICIPATION. This is exactly how we operated our fall camp last fall. Please know that FABC Camps will provide schedule that is required as part of these regulations.

(Please see FHSAA regulations at bottom)

Club Team – If you are already a club team please provide name. If not, create a club team by providing a name and paying club registration. The club team registration covers you from now until July 31 of 2021. Membership is with U.S. Amateur Basketball. (Please use only this site to register as we have made arrangements to extend your membership).

Club Team Insurance – There is option to purchase club team insurance. This covers the team for liability coverage and secondary medical for up to 15 players and all coaches associated with the team. Because of Covid 19, insurance rates for this coming season have not yet been released. We have therefore established a rate of $99. We will provide you a refund for any overage you pay once rates are established. However, you will not pay more than the $99 rate (Please note, insurance start date is Sept. 1st).  FABC Camps does provide secondary medical coverage for all that participate.

Registration Fee – Registration fee is based upon the number of games that you select to play, $80 per game.

Kissimmee Camp – Is three days (Saturday / Sunday / Monday) and you have a choice to play two of the three or all three days. You also have option of picking up a third game on either Friday or Saturday. The most games you can play are seven.

Winter Haven Camp – Is two days (Saturday / Sunday) and you play 4 games over two days with an option to pick up a 5th game on Saturday.

Schedule Preference – please provide us with your schedule preference and we will do all we can to honor but please know that we will be scheduling over 300 games and cannot make guarantees.

Strength Of Team – do your best to rate your team, we will use your evaluation along with those of scouting services to create as much parity as possible in scheduling games.

FABC Registration – FABC Camps is for FABC members only. Register now for the 2020-21 season. Camp passes will be provided to all registered FABC members on your staff.  FABC membership is from June 1, 2020 till May 31, 2021.

Live Streaming – We will be live streaming all games on our featured courts (seven in Kissimmee and six in Winter Haven) We will be following NCAA guidelines for live streaming so all college coaches will be able to watch your games. (This includes Division I). We will provide all college coaches a key of what club team represents which high school. Game schedules will be published on Monday, week of the camp, so that you can also make contact with college coaches that may already be following you. We will promote the live streaming to every college coach in the nation at every level.

Submit Roster – Please submit your roster as soon as possible. Make sure that all information is complete. Jersey Numbers are extremely important. There will be no play by play for live streaming, so the only way college coaches will be able to determine players is with their number. Coaches’ packet with all rosters submitted will be provided to all college coaches participating in the live streaming.

Hotel / Housing – hotel and vacation homes for team stays will be on our website. While at the beginning of registration there will be only a few, the list will continue to grow with many providing much deep discounted rates. Winter Haven Hotels will not be available until after August 1st.  Embassy Suites will be our host in Kissimmee but book early if interested, as it will close out early.

Register Early – for the first 30 teams that register for either of our camps we will guarantee 3 games on one of our featured courts. Also, please understand that we can only give you a choice of days while spots are available. Finally, with the virus still impacting venues there could be a limit of additional courts we can use and cause registration to close.

Health and Safety – We are not going to set policy at this time in regard to what policies will be in place at the time of camps but will wait to see where we are at the time. We have already instituted extra sanitation efforts at all of our venues. We have a complete list of additional options that could come into play. We will protect the safety of all involved.

If you have any questions, send to info@fabccamps.com or call one of our camp directors. If calling, please leave a message and they will return your call within 24 hours.

Bob Horodyski – (352) 219-3749

Conrad Foss –  (813) 355-7061

Printed from FHSAA – Basketball Manuel


22.1.1 Off-Season. “Off-season” means the period of time during the regular school year but outside the defined sport season for a specific sport.

22.1.2 Sports Season. “Sports season” means the period of time for a specific school team in each respective sport that begins with the first permissible date of practice in that sport and ends either with the last permissible date for a regular season contest (if not participating in Florida High School State Championship Series competition) in that sport; or the date of the team’s elimination from Florida High School State Championship Series competition in that sport; or the state championship game in that sport, whichever first occurs for that team.

22.1.3 Coach. “Coach” means any person, regardless of whether he/she is employed by the school or volunteer, who instructs, supervises, or otherwise manages student-athletes in conjunction with a practice, tryout, drill, workout, evaluation or competitive activity.

22.1.4 “Involved In Any Respect.” “Involved in any respect” means engaged in anything to do with a non-school team, including but not limited to coaching, scheduling, transporting, officiating and the hiring of officials, training, taping, managing team expenses, purchasing of uniforms and equipment, etc.

22.2 During the off-season, a coach shall not have contact with students outside the normal teacher-student classroom environment except to:

22.2.1 make arrangements for and assist in the conduct of physical examinations; or

22.2.2 explain eligibility regulations; or

22.2.3 solve insurance problems; or

22.2.4 review films; or

22.2.5 conduct off-season conditioning as defined in “Off-Season Conditioning” as per Policy 21. 22.3 A coach, prospective coach of any member school or any individual involved in any respect may not be involved with a non-school team in a sport unless the non-school team meets the following requirements:

22.3.1 The team must be affiliated with an outside agency promoting athletic participation opportunities such as, but not limited to:

• Baseball – Babe Ruth, American Legion, city/county leagues

• Basketball – AAU, USA, USOC

• Football –USA Football

• Golf – USGA, AJGA

• Lacrosse – US Lacrosse

• Soccer – FIFA, Youth leagues

• Softball – ASA, USSSA

• Swimming & Diving – USS, NISCA, ASCA, CSCAA, AAU

• Tennis – FTA, USTA, USOC, ITF

• Track & Field – USA, AAU

• Volleyball – USVBA, USOC, USA, AVA

• Wrestling – USA, AAU

22.3.2 Participation must include competition in the published scheduled events of the outside agency.

22.3.3 Student athletes and coaches, where applicable, are not permitted to wear any portion of a school’s athletic uniform.

22.3.4 All fees or assessments, collected or paid for participation must be made to or from the outside agency.

22.3.5 Participation shall be voluntary and shall not be required, either directly or indirectly, for membership on an interscholastic team.

22.3.6 Member schools may make their gymnasiums and other athletic facilities available to outside groups or organizations provided a fully executed usage agreement is provided and available upon request.

22.4 Failure to comply with this policy may result in the assessment of penalties including, but not limited to, the following as per Policy 46:

22.4.1 Assessment of a minimum monetary penalty of $2,500 per violation and/or other sanctions.

22.4.2 Loss of permissible practice time.

22.4.3 Loss of privilege to participate in a preseason jamboree or preseason classic with reimbursement of a minimum of $500 to each affected school and the FHSAA.

22.4.4 Reduced number of regular season home contests.

22.4.5 Loss of privileges to participate in the Florida High School State Championship Series.