FABC will provide one camps this year using the model developed by the NHSBCA. High School teams will be rated and play against teams of similar strength. As much as possible we will attempt to keep teams from playing teams that they will match up against during the regular season. All high school teams are guaranteed a minimum of two games on the featured courts at the main venue. We will also provide a JV division.


FABC Camps will feature some of the top teams in the state.
Games are full stop clock games (with a few modi/cations to keep
games moving)
Great facilities; the camp will feature venues with as many as four
courts in single location for maximum exposure for the players. Each
team is guaranteed a minimum of two games in the featured venues.
National and local scouting and media service coverage will be in
attendance and Baller TV will live stream all games.

Camp Officials

This year we have contracted with an officials group to hold their annual camp
that will attract some of the best officials in the country. The camp will use three
man crews on featured courts that will greatly enhance quality of officiating.

Gate Charge:

Gate Charge will be $10.00 a day for all adults and $5.00 for youth
between 12-18 years of age. There is no charge for youth under the age
of 12 .
FABC member coaches will receive a gate pass at registration

Camp Schedule (Teams)

8:30 AM: Team registration begins for new team arrivals
9:00 AM: Games begin and continue throughout day
Game intervals will be determined 30 days prior to camp based upon health and safety
procedures that will be developed in connection with facility and community guidelines
7:30 PM: Last games of the day scheduled to begin
8:30 AM: Team registration begins for new team arrivals
9:00 AM: Games begin and continue throughout day
4:30 PM: Last games of the day scheduled to begin

Camp Schedule (Individuals)

All coaches participating in FABC Camps must be members of FABC. This includes all bench personnel.

Game Rules

The National High School Federation Rules and Regulations (NHSF) will apply to all
games with the following exceptions.
– Games will be played with two sixteen (16) minute halves
– There will be a minimum of a five minutes warm-up period. Halftime will also be
five minutes.
– Overtime: First overtime will be two minutes. Second overtime, first team to
score a point is winner.
– Two (2) direct technical fouls during a game on a player or coach will result in
their ejection from that game and the next game of the event. Fighting and gross
unsportsmanlike behavior will result in disqualification of the event unless
justification is accepted at the discretion of the Event Director.
– Each team is responsible for their own warm-up balls and the home team will
supply game ball subject to the approval of game officials.
– Mercy Rule: Once a team is leading by 30 points anytime in a game, the clock
will continue to run. The only time the clock will stop is for injuries or timeouts.
If the lead falls below 20 points, the clock will again be stopped for all whistle